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At Smoove Movers we transport household goods with the safest and most efficient practices. Our purpose is to provide a worry-free and relaxing moving experience for our community and to supply members of the community who are less fortunate with re-usable goods and clothes.

We are community partners with…

The Prince Hall chapter in Portland

Habitat for Humanity Restore of Portland and Beaverton

Goodwill of Portland and Beaverton

SBC of Beaverton (Electronic Recycling)

Commercial Movers Portland

About The Owner

My name is Darion Chest , and I’m the owner and founder of Smoove Movers LLC located here in Portland, Oregon. Moving was just a part-time gig in college for me while pursuing a degree in business administration. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, mowing lawns and washing cars for $10-$20 a job. Along the way, I was able to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in different aspects of the moving industry such as digital marketing and sales. I later settled with another moving company after college; a brand new, single owner operation. I hoped to help build a successful small business from the ground up. I was able to work my way up to Operations Manager in just 3 years. The company was a success and still is today, though plans have changed.

Darion Chest - The Smoove Movers

In my experience, I’ve witnessed the unprofessionalism and stigma that exist in the moving industry and felt compelled to do something about it. My wife, Jasmyn also has over 8 years of sales experience atop of my 5+ years in sales and 7+ years in the moving industry at the time. In February of 2021, we decided to take a leap of faith to manage and operate our own moving company and haven’t looked back since. We created the business to put our community at ease by providing exceptional customer service. We prioritize the most efficient, safe, and professional moving practices to be the most trusted moving company in the NW.
Our mission is to create a positive, innovative, upbeat and safe culture for our team and customers to call home.


The moving industry has a bad reputation of unprofessionalism, carelessness, bad hygiene, and suspicious companies and workers.

Members of the community are not receiving the service or respect of their goods in a professional manner


To provide top notch customer service in every department of our operation, focusing on quality over quantity. Our professionally trained clean-cut movers will be on time and prepared for every move, will follow all tariff regulations set by the Oregon Moving & Storage Association, and will use all necessary equipment, respecting the customers time, space, and belongings.

Make every move as comfortable and smooth as possible

Go the extra mile (vacuum rugs before load, additional packing, disassemble furniture, furniture rearrangement, junk removal)

Attentive to detail

Contagious positive attitude

Create a relationship/rapport with customer

Hard working, efficient, diligent

Great communication/ Transparency

Team players in every department

Pride in work/ Responsibilities

Community involvement/ Progressive

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How We Work

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