Are You Relocating to Portland, OR? We Can Help!

Relocating to Portland, OR? The Smoove Movers offer stress-free residential & commercial moving services. Call our team to get a free quote today!

Considering relocating to Portland, OR? Portland is known as a vibrant Pacific Northwest city with abundant natural beauty, artisan culture, and friendly neighborhoods. Whether relocating within the metro, the city center or moving to a new Portland address, The Smoove Movers wants to make your transition as smooth as possible.

As your local moving company, we understand that moves to major cities like Portland come with unique considerations:

  • Narrow streets in historic districts mean careful planning is key
  • Seasonal weather shifts from rain to snow may impact your timeline
  • Finding the right fit in tightly-knit communities takes local expertise

Let our professional and courteous Portland movers handle all the heavy lifting so you can focus on settling into your new neighborhood. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Residential Relocation Excellence in Portland

Relocating your household is a big undertaking, but here at The Smoove Movers, we make it our mission to ease the stress. As Portland locals ourselves, we understand that moving to this great city near the Oregon coast comes with its unique rhythms.

From the tight-knit Portland neighborhoods to our changeable weather, navigating a Portland residence move takes an experienced touch. That’s where we come in – we’ve helped hundreds of families feel at home in their new place.

Our residential packages are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We’ll handle every detail from start to finish so you can focus on more enjoyable tasks like picking your new paint colors.

  • Packing services ensure your belongings are protected using the proper materials
  • Our trained team loads everything efficiently onto the truck
  • Curbside unloading has everything neatly placed where you want it

Does your new place have stairs or multiple levels? No problem. We offer:

  • Dollies and furniture sliders for easy indoor transport
  • Ramped access when needed for loading heavy items

Multigenerational families know the importance of keeping everyone stress-free. We provide:

  • Designated packers for kids’ rooms and sensitive items
  • Custom schedules to work around school/work obligations

Speaking of kids, we love it when they get involved by “helping” pack toys or pick their new bedroom. It’s a great memory in the making!

No matter your residential moving needs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for a free in-home estimate and consultation. Our team will take the time to understand your situation and customize a plan to fit your budget and timeline.

Moving to a new Portland community is a big life change. Here at The Smoove Movers, we’re dedicated to making the process as smooth as silk. Just let us do the heavy lifting – you focus on enjoying all that Portland offers in your new home!

Relocating to Portland and Need Help? Our Team is Here!

The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers
The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers
The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers

Professional Packing Solutions in Portland

Packing up a home is no small feat. But with the right materials and expertise, it doesn’t need to feel so daunting. At The Smoove Movers, we’ve perfected the art of packing so you can feel at ease.

Our team understands how precious your belongings are. That’s why we use only the highest quality boxes, tapes, and protective wrapping to get the job done safely and securely.

  • We offer boxes in multiple sizes for everything from books to dishes.
  • Packing paper adds an extra layer of cushioning in between.
  • Shrink wrap or moving blankets keep the furniture protected from bumps.

Fragile or valuable items receive our white-glove treatment. Things like family heirlooms, electronics, and art pieces get individually wrapped. We even have specialty boxes perfect for odd-shaped items like vases, lamps, and collectibles. No need to stress over finding the correct container – we’ve got you covered!

Our packers are experts at maximizing space so your items nestle cozily together. This saves you money by minimizing the truck space needed. Not sure how to pack something? Just ask – we’re always happy to provide tips. Things like wrapping dishes in a newspaper or using towels between glasses. For a flat fee, we’ll handle all the packing duties. Then, our trained team neatly loads the truck so your possessions stay tidy.

Not moving? No problem. We also offer box rentals and pickup for your next self-pack job. Just let us do the heavy lifting!

At The Smoove Movers, your peace of mind is our priority. Let us handle the laborious task of packing so you can focus on wonderful new adventures, like locating new grocery stores. Contact us today to schedule a packing consultation and estimate.

Don’t Stress Portland Traffic – Our Team Will Do the Driving

Assisted Moves for Seniors in Portland

As we get older, moving can seem like an overwhelming task. But at The Smoove Movers, we understand the unique needs of senior citizens and are here to help every step of the way. Our assisted moving packages are tailored with comfort, convenience, and wellness in mind. We take extra care to minimize stress so you can relax.

Whether downsizing to a new home or relocating within the community, our team of trained professionals handles heavy lifting, packing, and setup.

  • Lightweight furniture options help prevent injuries like pulled muscles.
  • We’re careful not to overload arms and backs when carrying boxes.
  • Unpacking services mean you don’t have to stress over details.

Getting around multi-level homes can pose challenges. We provide:

  • Ramp rentals for easy rolling of possessions in and out
  • Dollies and furniture sliders for smooth indoor transport

Seniors also need flexibility in scheduling medical appointments. We gladly work around your individual needs. Many of our clients appreciate having the same friendly faces throughout the process. Continuity helps limit interactions, which can cause stress or overwhelm. After your move, we perform a quality check to ensure everything made the trip safely. A little peace of mind goes a long way!

At The Smoove Movers, your comfort and safety are our top priorities. Let us ease the burdens of relocating so you can relax and settle into your new home.

We Know the Portland Area – Let Us Help Relocate You

Hassle-Free Loading and Unloading in Portland

The loading and unloading process is truly where the rubber meets the road. As your friendly Portland movers, safety and care are our top priorities every step of the way. Our team takes great care when transporting your possessions from home to home. Furniture, appliances, and other large items require special handling.

  • Padded moving blankets help protect surfaces from scratches or scuffs
  • Multi-person lifts ensure heavy objects aren’t strained to carry
  • Ramps prevent back injuries when rolling items in and out

For multi-level homes, we’ve got creative solutions to avoid stressful stairs. Whether it’s:

  • Rented moving skids or dollies for smooth indoor transport
  • Curbside ramps for loading larger items directly into the truck

You’ll appreciate our fastidious approach when unloading as well. Our goal is to have your new place feel welcoming and move-in ready.

  • Rooms are unpacked in the order you request for easy access
  • Furniture is placed precisely where you want to avoid clutter
  • Partial unpacking services declutter boxes out of sight

Not ready for full setup? No problem; we offer short or long-term storage options, too. Just let us know your needs. At The Smoove Movers, safety is our top priority for you and your belongings. Contact us today to rest assured your move will go smoothly!

Moving to Downtown Portland – We Can Help!

Decluttering Services in Portland

Moving to a new home is the perfect time for a fresh start – but it can be tough to let go of clutter collected over the years. That’s where our junk removal services come in handy!

Whether you’re downsizing or moving into a larger space, our goal is to lighten the load so you can truly enjoy your new place. We make the decluttering process simple and affordable.

Our junk hauling services cover items like:

  • Old furniture, mattresses, and appliances too large for donations
  • Yard waste like branches or leftover remodel materials
  • Boxes and packing supplies after your move is complete

We also accept:

  • Old electronics, batteries, or light bulbs for safe disposal
  • Excess clothing and linens are no longer needed
  • Outdated documents for secure shredding

The best part? We handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to stress over logistics. We’ll:

  • Properly wrap and secure more oversized items for safe transport
  • Sanitize areas touched to keep your new home pristine
  • Provide before/after photos of our work upon request

Need extra motivation to let things go? No problem! We’re happy to help you declutter room by room or provide trash bags to get the job done.

Let The Smoove Movers be your partner in creating a fresh start. Contact us today for a free junk removal quote.

Rent Prices or Housing Prices Have You Moving – Call Us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to move to Portland?

Spring and summer tend to be most popular as the weather is mild. We see peak season March-June and September-October when there’s less rain. Some prefer winter for lower rates if you don’t mind bundling up!

How far in advance should I book with The Smoove Movers?

We recommend booking 2-4 weeks out so we can reserve your preferred dates. But don’t fret if it’s sooner – just give us a call and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in. Flexibility is key in this business!

What’s included in your basic residential package?

Our standard offering covers packing, loading, transport and unloading. Add-ons like unpacking services or storage are also available. We customize each plan but aim to make it stress-free!

Do you provide storage or short-term housing?

We have partnerships with local storage facilities and temporary housing providers that offer discounts for our clients. Just let us know your needs so we can find the best temporary solution.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit/debit cards, checks, or even cash. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide a detailed estimate and payment options that work for your budget. Let’s make this move seamless!

Diverse Job Market Have You Relocating? Let Us Help

The Smoove Movers have helped thousands of residents, seniors, and businesses ease the stress of moving in and around Portland. Our licensed and insured team provides many services, including reliable packing, loading, and unloading of your possessions, affordable local and long-distance moving services, and junk removal to quickly declutter your new home. So, if you are ready to put the stress of moving in a professional movers’ hands, give our team a call. We are ready and able to help!

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