The Smoove Movers understand how preparing for an upcoming residential move within Portland, Oregon can be stressful. From packing up your entire home to loading a moving truck, many aspects require planning and organization. As a local Portland moving company, we understand how overwhelming the packing process can be. That’s why we’ve developed this comprehensive guide to share our top packing tips and expert recommendations for your Portland residential move.

Whether you are relocating to a new home across town or just down the street, this article covers everything you need to know to pack up your Portland residence like a pro. You will learn helpful hints for:

  • Packing each room of your home efficiently  
  • Securing fragile items for the journey
  • Organizing your moving supplies
  • Loading your vehicle properly
  • Dealing with perishable food items
  • Identifying what can be moved yourself versus hiring professional movers

With over 10 years of experience assisting with residential moves in Portland, The Smoove Movers knows what it takes to pack up a home smoothly. We hope these packing tips put you at ease and help ensure a safe and seamless transition to your new Portland home. Let us know if you need any additional moving services.

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What You’ll Need for Your Portland Move

Preparing for any move can feel like a monumental task, but having the right packing essentials on hand will make the process go much smoother. As Portland locals, we know many people tend to underestimate what supplies they’ll need to successfully pack up an entire household. That’s why we’re sharing our insider packing list to make sure you have everything covered for your upcoming residential move within Rose City.

First and foremost, you’ll want to stock up on various sizes of quality moving boxes. We recommend getting a combination of wardrobe boxes for clothing, small boxes for knick-drinks and dishes, medium boxes for books and bedding, and large boxes for things like blankets and linens. It’s also smart to have trash bags on hand for donations, garbage, or items you no longer need. Tape is a must – invest in a few rolls of durable packaging tape. Labels are helpful tool for identifying what’s in each box and where it goes. Don’t forget Sharpies for writing on boxes.

Other moving supplies to get: bubble wrap to protect delicate items, packing paper for fillers, furniture blankets, disposable moving blankets, and boxes for fragile household goods. It’s also wise to get supplies of mirror moving wraps to secure framed artwork and wall hangings safely for the move within PDX.

Packing Tools and Aids 

Many handy tools can make the packing process much less stressful. Pick up a utility knife for opening boxes, scissors for cutting tape or wrapping, and gloves to protect your hands while handling boxes. Self-adhesive labels are great for quickly marking bins. Rope, straps, or moving dollies help secure heavy items. Lastly, don’t forget basic tools like a hammer, wrench set, and screwdriver in case you need to disassemble furniture.

Be sure to check out the helpful guides and lists on our website for suggested quantities of each item based on your home’s square footage. We’re also happy to provide an estimate for full-service packing services if you’d prefer to leave it to the pros! As Portland’s premier local movers, we can ensure your household effects are packaged securely for the least amount of risk. Feel free to contact us with any other packing essential questions.

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Room-by-Room Packing Guide for Your Portland Home

Packing up your entire Portland abode can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a plan of attack. That’s why we’re providing tips on how to tackle packing room by room in an organized and efficient manner.

Start with less important rooms like spare bedrooms and home offices. Pack casual items like out-of-season clothes, sporting goods, hobby items, and holiday decorations in these rooms first since you won’t need them right away. Be sure to clearly label each box with the room destination.

Living Room

For the main living area, pack cushions, throws, and small furniture separately if possible. Try to keep frequently used items accessible until the last week. Box up books, décor, media equipment, and collectibles. Don’t forget to label remotes inside electronic boxes.


When packing the kitchen, wrap fragile items separately and consider using small boxes. Pack utensils and cookware together, and don’t forget smaller items like spices and condiments. Discard any expired food items before moving day.

For the master bedroom, only pack clothes and bedding you won’t need soon. Leave out pajamas, uniforms, and basic toiletries. Be sure to empty and securely wrap dressers beforehand. It’s also wise to transport valuable or sensitive documents yourself for security.

Make final sweeps of rooms right before the moving truck arrives. Don’t procrastinate in the basement, attic, or garage, as these areas tend to be forgotten. With thorough room-by-room preparation, your Portland move-out will be smooth! Let us know if you need help packing any heavy furniture or bulky items.

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Pro Tips for Packing Specific Items for Your Portland Move

Certain items in your Portland home require special packing TLC to arrive safely at their destination. We’ve gathered our expert packing strategies to ensure your delicate belongings are protected.


Start by removing batteries from remote controls and saving them together in a baggie labeled with the device name. For TVs, wrap the screen tightly with bubble wrap and place it face down in the box. Surround small appliances and machinery with packing paper or bubble wrap to avoid scratches. Consider placing electronics in their original boxes if available.

Books and Documents

Pack books either flat or upright – never sideways. Adjust packing material thickness according to the box and quantity. For papers, sort into labeled file folders beforehand then wrap bundles in acid-free paper. You can pack papers together as space allows in medium boxes. Keep essential documents with you in a separate bag.

China, glassware, and artwork require extra precaution. Bubble wrap each piece individually before placing it in small boxes surrounded by padding. When it comes to fragile family heirlooms, consider opting for professional packing services from our expert movers.

For mattresses, simply wrap them in a protective moving blanket secured with tape. Don’t forget to empty dresser drawers and layer them with paper before moving. Properly disassembled furniture like beds and desks can be wrapped, numbered, and transported securely by our crew.

We hope these pro-packing tips help make your Portland move a breeze! As always, our friendly team is here to assist with any part of the process.

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Packing Your Vehicle for Your Portland Self-Move

For those hoping to save money by renting a truck and moving within Portland, carefully loading your vehicle is crucial. Our experts have seen many DIY movers get into situations that could have been avoided with better packing plans. Let’s make sure you’re ready for a safe and organized self-move around town.

First, protect your vehicle interior before placing boxes. Install furniture pads along walls and flooring. Place padding on seat tops, door framing, and behind headrests. Lay down moving blankets to absorb any moisture and scrapes.

Start with heavier, sturdier items on the bottom like appliances, large furniture, or boxes full of books. Items that need more protection can be double-boxed for stability. Place the least used boxes toward the back.

Organizing the Truck

Stack or arrange boxes and furniture in a tidy, accessible layout. Try tetrising awkward spaces for maximum capacity. Mixed sizes keep the weight balanced. Leave room for walking around and securing later.

Securing the Load

Always use securing straps – never rope or bungee cords alone. Place across tops of stacked boxes, never underneath. Add front/back wall and side wall restraints to stop loads from shifting during corners and stops. Pad restraint contact areas.

Top off your load with plastic-wrapped lightweight boxes and cushions. Close all cabinet doors and latches. Pack lunches, snacks, and supplies for the drive in your car for easy access.

Let us know if you need help loading onto our covered moving truck for local moves or additional protection materials. We want your Portland self-move day to go to most rooms! Stay safe out there.

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Packing Checklist for Your Upcoming Portland Residential Move

Now that you’ve read all our Portland packing wisdom, it’s time to prepare your customized checklist to stay organized. A complete list ensures no important items are left behind in your rush to get out the door on a moving day.

We’ve included categories to help you plan room-by-room. But feel free to add your items and tweak them to your needs. Be sure to separate into columns “Packed”, “Left to Do” and “Movers”. Check items off as you go to visually track progress.

2 Weeks Before Your Portland Move

  • ID fragile/valuable items that require special packing  
  • Pack seasonal/non-essential clothes, decor, books
  • Declutter items for donation/garage sale
  • Back up computer files and pack electronics

1 Week Before

  • Pack kitchen utensils, small appliances  
  • Pack bathroom essentials and toiletries
  • Pack garage/yard items, sporting goods
  • Disassemble/pack furniture you want to move yourself

The Night Before

  • Pack remaining clothes and linens for the final days  
  • Pack remaining kitchen items 
  • Pack personal paperwork and luggage for travel
  • Confirm move schedule/payment with Smoove Movers

We also provide digital checklists on our website optimized for both mobile and desktop. Let us help fill in any spots on your list by handling heavy lifting, packing delicate items, or bringing supplies. Our professional movers handle the hassle so your Portland move is less stressful. With an organized checklist and our assistance, you’ll be out the door in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure fragile items are properly packed?

 Invest in bubble wrap and padding materials. Wrap each delicate item individually and place it in small boxes surrounded by crumpled paper. Mark boxes clearly and request special handling by our experienced Portland movers.  

What’s the best way to pack the kitchen?

 For kitchenware, use the original boxes if possible. Group by type and wrap breakables snugly. Seal vessels together. Packnon-fragile on top, padding spaces. Store non-perishables together and refrigerated goods separately until the move. Call us for packing services if you’d rather not DIY it!

When should I start packing?

 Most experts advise packing 2-4 weeks before your local Portland move date. This allows time to properly secure valuables and preserve energy for other tasks. Pack non-essentials first and leave essential items like beds accessible until the final days. Contact us for an estimate if you need packing help throughout the process.

How can I move myself?

 Light décor, clothing,g, and personal effects can be handled independently. However, allow professional movers to transport heavier furniture, appliances, fragile heirlooms,s or bulky items that require disassembly/loading expertise. We aim to make your move seamless!

How do I load a truck?

 Place heavier items like appliances and furniture furthest back. Stack and brace boxes of mixed weights. Use restraints across all items, never underneath, and pad contact points. Leave aisle space for access. Add padding under and atop loads. Call us for loading assistance into our covered moving trucks for local moves.

Moving can be a stressful process, but with the right preparation and organization, you can make it a smooth and stress-free experience. As a local Portland moving company, we understand the unique challenges of moving within the city. By following our tips, you’ll be able to pack up your home efficiently and effectively, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure during the move. If you’re looking for professional movers in Portland, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Smoove Movers. We’re here to assist you and make your move as seamless as possible.

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