Effortless Relocation in Cedar Hills, OR

Effortless relocation to Cedar Hills, OR with The Smoove Movers. For a stress-free moving experience, call our professionals to book our services!

The Smoove Movers are your local Cedar Hills moving company and we have been providing effortless relocation assistance to the West Slope area for over 10 years. Whether you need help with a local move within Cedar Hills, packing and loading services for a residential move in Bethany, or senior move assistance in Sunset, our professional team is ready to help make your transition smooth and stress-free.

Some of the moving services we proudly offer residents in Cedar Hills and surrounding neighbourhoods include:

  • Local moves within Cedar Hills and Raleigh Hills
  • Residential relocations to and from Cedar Mill, Murrayhill, and Garden Home
  • Packing and unpacking all items from the kitchen to the garage
  • Senior-friendly moves with specialized equipment and care Friendly Hills and Oak Hills
  • Loading and unloading assistance in Cedar Hills, Bethany and Durham
  • Junk removal and hauling from houses in Cedar Hills, Raleigh, and Garden Home

As your trusted Cedar Hills moving company, contact us today to discuss your upcoming relocation needs. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service and care for all of your moving and packing requirements.

Packing and Loading/Unloading Process for Residential Moves

Preparing for your big residential move can feel like an overwhelming task. Between packing up your entire home and figuring out how to transport all of your belongings, it’s easy to feel stressed. That’s where the packing pros at The Smoove Movers come in! 

Our experienced packers are experts at making the packing process as seamless and simple as possible. We’ll start by doing a full assessment of your home in Cedar Hills, Raleigh Hills, or Garden Home so we know exactly how much packaging supplies and equipment are needed. Then we’ll break down the big job into manageable mini-tasks.

First up is packing the kitchen – we’ll carefully wrap and box all dishes, glassware, small appliances, and non-perishable food items. All containers are clearly labeled so everything is easy to find on moving day. Fragile items like vases or frames will get additional padding and support. No detail is too small for our packers!

While the kitchen is underway, other crew members will start packing up your bedrooms. Clothing, linens, and personal items all get properly stored in specially designed moving boxes. To keep everything organized, items are packaged together and color-coded. Requesting wardrobe boxes? No problem! 

Once the kitchen and bedrooms are wrapped up, we’ll tackle the remaining rooms like the home office, living room, outdoor items in the garage, or less frequently used items in the attic or basement. Everything is packaged with your next home’s layout in mind to make unloading efficient. 

When moving day arrives, our loading assistants ensure all boxes are carefully stowed away on the truck. Fragile boxes are blocked in, furniture is blanketed and tied down. During transit, our truck’s GPS tracker allows you to see your items’ location. Upon arrival, our unloading crew descends onto your new place in Cedar Hills, Durham, or Sherwood like a well-choreographed dance to efficiently return your order to your new home!

With The Smoove Movers’ residential moving services, you can feel good knowing your items are in expert hands every step of the process! Just relax and let us handle all the heavy lifting – both physically and mentally.

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The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers
The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers
The Best Portland Oregon Movers - The Smoove Movers

Custom Packing Options for All Items in the Home

When it comes to packing up your belongings, one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a wide variety of custom packing options at The Smoove Movers to suit every type of item in your home. 

For electronics and delicate items, our packers are masters of protecting TVs, computers, small appliances, and more. We use anti-static bubble wrap, foam corner protectors, and durable small boxes. Need help wrapping your grandma’s heirloom china without a single chip? No problem for our experts!

Keeping clothing neatly organized and wrinkle-free is crucial. Our selection of wardrobe boxes in various sizes come poly-bag lined and with dividers to keep dresses, suits, and folded items separated. Hanging garments? No worries, we’ve got archival-quality covers and specialty boxes just for them.  

Sentimental collectibles and memorabilia deserve top-notch care. Whether it’s your vintage record collection, antique books, or handmade crafts, we offer acid-free tissue paper, custom crates, and anti-shock peanuts. Nothing but the finest materials for those irreplaceable treasures!

When moving with kids, keep toys, games, and gear shipshape. We have mini-boxes perfect for Lego sets, bins to corral stuffed animals, and inflatable balusters for ride-on vehicles. Even the pickiest little ones will love finding their things so neatly stowed.  

Large, awkward items are no big deal either! Special blankets and braces to secure your sofa or dining table, protective wraps for your TV stand or fireplace mantel – just name it and we’ve moved it before. Plus boxes galore for books, dishes, photos, and beyond!

Our one-of-a-kind packing options truly take the stress out of moving. Whether you need solutions for Cedar Hills homes or large estates in King City, your belongings are in great hands with us. Contact The Smoove Movers today to customize the perfect packing plan!

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Care and Protection of Senior Customers During the Move

We understand that moving can be an especially difficult process for senior customers. That’s why at The Smoove Movers, we take extra care and precautions when handling senior moves within Cedar Hills and the surrounding areas.

Our senior move coordinators are highly trained and experienced in assisting older adults. Safety is the top priority whether you’re downsizing within Cedar Hills or relocating to a new senior living community in Tigard. 

First, we’ll conduct a home assessment to determine any mobility limitations or medical equipment needs. Extra moving supplies like wheeled carts, grab bars and electric lift pads are on standby. Our professional movers also receive ongoing training in injury prevention and sensitive care techniques.

On a moving day, we’ll pack up all medications, glasses, personal items, and snack foods in easy-to-reach location spots. This minimizes the need for bending or climbing during the big transition. Of course, certified drivers transport any medical equipment with the utmost stability and care.

Our goal is to reduce stress and disruption as much as possible. Movers work in well-coordinated teams, clearly communicating tasks to ensure timely progress. Regular breaks and refreshments keep spirits up. Seniors are always accompanied during walks between rooms or buildings. 

Settling into the new home goes just as smoothly. We unpack rooms in a logical order so that vital items are accessible first. Clear labeling and miniature furniture moves take the pressure off. Customer service is our top priority until every question is answered. 

Peace of mind comes standard with The Smoove Movers’ senior moving services. With attention to details large and small, we’ll make the physical transition as comfortable as possible. Our caring professionals are here to help every step of the way. Your safety and satisfaction are worth more than any fee.

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Door-to-Door Junk Hauling and Disposal Service

After a major move or home renovation, you’re usually left with plenty of junk you need to get rid of–but hauling it all yourself sounds like a drag, right? Let the junk gurus at The Smoove Movers be your muscle! 

We offer flexible, full-service junk removal from Cedar Hills homes, Raleigh Hills apartments, or multi-family buildings in West Linn. Just point out the items you want gone and our crew will take it from there.  

Need your bulky couch, old fence boards, or boxes of debris hauled? We show up with a protected truck and heavy-duty equipment to efficiently load it all up. Junk stays contained and your property leaves spotless!

Is an entire garage jammed with years of clutter? We’ll have that clean-out wrapped up quickly. Our team works like a well-oiled machine to dismantle, sort, and transport different junk streams. Metal recycling, e-waste, yard debris – it all gets responsibly processed in the end.

Environmental protection is a top priority too. Pet waste, chemicals, paint cans, batteries, and more hazardous materials require special handling per regulations. Leave the dirty work and proper disposal to our licensed professionals.  

Volume discounts keep costs reasonable. Opt for our “to the curb” basic service, or upgrade to a full interior sweep-out. We’ll even haul items from difficult locations like your narrow attic or basement!

Once the junk is out of your house, just imagine the feelings of renewed space and organization. Your Smoove Movers will have you feeling revitalized in no time, so you can start fresh without lugging unwanted stuff. Say goodbye to junk heap stress for good with our premium removal solutions!

Our Professionals Can Make Your Next Move Stress-free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated cost for a 2-bedroom apartment move within Cedar Hills?

Factors like pack services, distance, and stairs affect the price. Just call for a free estimate!  

Do you provide packaging supplies and what items can be packed for me?

We provide all boxes, tape, and pads. We’ll even pack your kitchen, bedroom, garage! Just tell us what all needs wrapping and our experts will get to work.  

How far in advance do I need to book my move date?

We recommend securing your date at least 3 weeks out, especially in summer. Weekends book up faster. Weekdays often have openings if you’re flexible. Just check our calendar online.

What services are included in a basic residential move?

Moving your items, packing if requested, loading, transporting, unloading. We aim for a completely stress-free experience from beginning to end!

What safety measures do you take to protect customers and their belongings?

Well-being is priority one. We use lifting belts, proper form, and teamwork to reduce injuries. Fragiles get extra protection – our reputation relies on zero damage or mistakes. You’re in great hands with us!

For a Seamless Moving Experience – Call Now

The Smoove Movers is the ideal choice for your next worry-free move. Our experienced professionals offer transparent pricing, packing services, transportation, and more for our clients. We help in senior assist moves, residential moves, junk removal, and more. For more information on how we can work with your schedule and how we can provide services for your moving needs, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We are ready and waiting to make your next move effortless!

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