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Are you planning to move from home, office, or rental property? There is a lot to do during a relocation from packing to loading. Let the Smoove Movers help you reduce your stress and save time while moving! Here are the top moving and packing tips & tricks we have learned as professional movers Portland, OR.  

Our professionals at The Smoove Movers use high-quality packing materials such as bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and specialty packing to pack fragile items and make sure things don’t move inside your cardboard boxes. We understand that there are methods that work well as you pack boxes, and packing methods can make all the difference. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn through trial and error. You can rely on our expert moving and packing tips to make your work easier. 

Our expertise is based on our residential, commercial, and office moving experiences. Think you may need help? Whether you need home relocation services for your business or home, we are just a phone call away and ready to help. 

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Make A Plan Before Moving Out

Moving out will always be stressful if you do not have a foolproof plan. We suggest you start by writing down a draft of what you plan to do on moving day at least one month before the date. This will ensure you have better execution on the big day! Here are some things you may want to consider adding to your plan:

  • Inform the landowner one month before moving day. 
  • Clear electricity, internet, gas, water, cable connection, etc., bills in advance, and call to set up cancellation for your property on or before the day you plan to move out.
  • According to your needs, buy packing supplies early:
    • larger and smaller boxes
    • bubble wrap
    • packing tape
    • packing paper
    • Garbage bags 
  • Before moving out, make sure to cancel, transfer, or apply for a refund for all subscriptions.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Junk Beforehand

Decluttering is your best option to get rid of unwanted items before packing. This thing can help you take a step with the right foot forward. Relieving yourself of junk and unneeded items helps you to prioritize your essentials. Work on your furniture and determine which items will best suit your next property. This way, you can easily avoid packing unneeded items while packing and moving. 

You can easily donate or sell the unwanted materials lying beneath the layer of dust. Remember that every item is not worth keeping. Doing this helps you start packing and reimagining your kitchen, wardrobe, and furniture.


Hire Professional Movers For Peace Of Mind

One of the most important moving and packing tips is to hire a professional in your area. The Smoove Movers have a reputation for being the best! Our professional movers can help you pack clothes, move large items, can assist in packing all boxes to ensure your items are safe while moving, keep fragile items in smaller boxes, etc. They work within a limited time slot and often have budget-friendly rates to help you save money.

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Try Not To Overpack A Moving Box

While packing your belongings into moving boxes, it is essential to take utmost care of the smaller boxes and use the right amount of packing material. Usually, people over-pack the boxes and do not organize them in the right way in a moving truck, which results in havoc. Many fragile things can even break at this point, and there could be a loss of your personal belongings. For safer moving and packing tips, it is important not to overpack your moving boxes for better results. 

If you want to pack and move your items without a struggle, it is better to start packing large items in larger boxes and place bubble wrap or packing paper around items, protecting them from breakage. Once the boxes are done, seal them with packing tape for extra security, and label where they belong.

Book Everything In Advance

It is important to recognize that moving is a long process, and it can take months to organize a proper move out from any location. Packing items can get more manageable if you work on everything in advance. Booking a professional moving service, cleaning, and organizing, booking a moving truck, calling professional painters and cleaners, etc., are required for a full stress-free moving process. Having everything planned and booked in advance will make it easier for you and the moving company as well. This would easily help reduce the stress and any chance of mistakes when packing. 

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Take Special Care Of The Clothes

Clothes can be difficult to manage when packing. Pack your hanging clothes with the hanger still on them and put them in plastic wrap to avoid dust and dirt from outside. This way your clothes will be moved without any hindrance. With this special moving and packing tip, you can easily keep your clothes organized, without tearing or damaging them.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers

There are several packing and moving tips that should be followed when moving to a new property. However, if you want the last days of your move to be stress-free with a guarantee of not leaving anything behind, planning is the key to success! Stop trying to do it all yourself and hire professional movers and packers to avail of these benefits. In this way, your work can be reduced and, believe it or not, more budget-friendly and safer than doing it yourself. 

Professional movers and packers pack all items as they should be packed. Boxes are not overpacked, furniture is oftentimes disassembled when possible, and we don’t run out of packing materials such as packing tape and packing paper. Furniture is loaded in the best way possible to avoid movement while fragile items are adequately wrapped in the proper ways to avoid breakage. As all the boxes are stacked, we stack boxes properly with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. With professionals taking care of everything, you can sit back and relax before moving to a new place.

Following moving and packing tips can ease your work, but it is more difficult for an individual to completely pack all the items and move them out from a property alone. Look at the fast and reliable moving process of Smoove Movers, the experts who are highly qualified to take care of your belongings with utmost care.


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