Are you looking for the best priced local movers in Portland? The Smoove Movers is a family-owned local business that has earned a distinguished reputation in the moving industry. Our team members are professionally trained and have years of experience providing residential and commercial moving services in Portland, Oregon. 

We value your time, space, and belongings, and therefore, transport your goods with utmost precision. We operate within the Portland commercial zone and rigidly adhere to all the Oregon Moving and Storage Association regulations. It is important to understand that “Best priced movers” and “cheap movers” are two different things. If you are looking for cheap movers, you have to understand why this may not be your best idea!

The Smoove Movers are the Best Priced Local Movers in Portland

When you are looking for a professional moving company to handle your moving and storage needs, it is important to hire the right one! Here we are going to explain why you should be looking for “best priced local movers” and not “cheap moving companies near me.” 

In the moving industry, you often get what you pay for. A cheap moving company may seem like a great idea at first, but throughout the move, you may find that you would prefer more professional movers than what you ended up getting. 

A professional moving company can be an affordable moving company without being cheap movers. Cheap moving companies typically have many hidden fees, less than professional movers, a rented moving truck, and may not be as punctual as you may like.  

Affordable moving companies have professional movers that care about your items. Their moving and storage services are oftentimes much better due to better training, more consistency within the team, and the trustworthiness of the moving team. 

The Smoove Movers are affordable movers. We may not be the cheapest moving company around, but we definitely price our services with the customer in mind. We are a full service moving company of professional movers. A cheap moving company is not what you want! By hiring professional movers, you get professional services. By hiring The Smoove Movers, you get professional services that will save money when compared to our competitors.  

We share an accurate quote with you, which includes in its evaluation each of the following factors:

  • Free of cost Insurance Plans, namely, Released Value Protection and Replacement Cost Protection (both are subject to particular conditions, and you can read more about them on our website).
  • Cost of the truck, travel time, and fuel cost.
  • Necessary equipment and tools, consisting of furniture pads, plastic wrap, floor and door protectors, hand trucks, forearm straps, power drill, tape, and packing paper.

We offer high-end protection to all the household and office commodities that we move. Still, if any of your belongings suffer damage while in transit, we take care of it. Cheap moving companies don’t offer that service.  Request a free commercial moving quote today.

We Move Your Residential and Commercial Items Safely

Our highest priority is to transport your items to their desired location efficiently. Cheap movers only care about moving your items, not necessarily moving the items safely! We assure you that your items will remain in a condition as pristine as they were when loaded onto the truck initially for moving. We offer corporate moving services and residential services and are full service movers, ready to help with your moving and storage needs. 

We offer an economical pricing structure for our customers, not cheap moving services. Our charges are based on the number of workers involved and the hours they provide service for. It can start with two workers along with one truck.

We also provide loading and unloading services in Portland, Oregon. The moving expenses correlate with the moving services you have chosen and when you hire local movers, you get local pricing. Of all the local moving companies, we are the best priced full service moving company in Portland. 

As an affordable moving company, we have helped many families complete their local move successfully! Cheap moving companies may use tactics such as offering free moving boxes, but “free moving boxes” equate to a higher price elsewhere to recoup the cost. The moving costs at The Smoove Movers are set based on:

  • Distance needing to be traveled
  • Gas prices
  • The size of the home or office being moved
  • The needed moving services
  • Moving supplies and Packing supplies (if applicable)

Whether residential or commercial, our relocation services will far exceed the services offered by the cheap moving companies. We will pack our moving truck properly and only hire movers who have clear histories and are ready to be trained properly in how to move your items.  

Call us to get a free residential moving quote today.

Packing Services, Storage Facilities, And Junk Removal – All At Reasonable Pricing

Smoove Movers comes with a wide range of packing services that cheap moving companies simply can’t offer. It may seem easy to do all the packing by yourself, but doing so may lead to future risk of your belongings during the journey, especially if you don’t hold any previous experience of moving. Hire us instead, and we will get the work done for you. 

We understand there are many moving companies from which you can choose. Remember that the cheapest moving companies still need to make money to run their business. Where do you suppose those companies make up the difference for the price? 

Hire affordable movers, like the Smoove Movers. Stay away from cheap local movers and save money! At The Smoove Movers, we are licensed and insured movers who hire professionals to give you the full service move you deserve. We are a local moving company. Because we focus on moving locally, our pricing is oftentimes less than our competition. Our team of experienced movers is here for your residential or commercial moving needs.

If you are looking for the “best cheap moving companies”, our name may appear simply because local moving services allow our team to keep pricing relatively low. We do not skip out on responsibilities or provide subpar services as cheap movers may do. 

Do you need storage solutions? We follow a user-oriented plan to fulfil all your temporary storage needs, and offer storage units of three different sizes. Ask us about discounts for the first month of storage! 

Get a quick, no-charge moving quote today.

The Smoove Movers are affordable movers you can trust! We pride ourselves on being the best priced local movers in Portland. Our full service movers can help you keep moving expenses down. We are not like other affordable moving companies- We are better! Call today to speak with our team!

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