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1:  Released Value Protection: Sixty (60) cents per pound for the actual weight of any lost or damaged article. The released value must be entered on the Bill of Lading in the following form and must be completed by the person signing the Bill of Lading.

2:  Replacement Cost Protection: $6.00 times the actual weight (in pounds) of the shipment or declared lump sum value, whichever is higher. When the shipper elects the Replacement Cost Protection option the following valuation charge shall apply:

For each $100.00, or fraction thereof, of declared value at $6.00 times the weight of the shipment in pounds or declared lump sum value, whichever is higher, the valuation charge
shall be $.85 per each $100.00 of value.

A:  When Replacement Cost Protection is ordered in writing by the shipper, the carrier will provide either replacement of articles lost or damaged while in the carrier’s custody, reimbursement for full replacement cost, or satisfactory repairs.

B:  When Replacement Cost Protection is ordered, this Item applies in addition to other Items in this Tariff. Where provisions of this Item conflict with other Items in this Tariff, provisions of this Item will apply.

C:  Replacement is defined as providing as good as, or equal to in economic value to the lost or damaged Item(s).

NOTICE: The shipment will move subject to the rules and conditions of the carrier’s Tariff. Shipper hereby releases the entire shipment to a value not exceeding:

If a shipper refuses to agree to a declared valuation in writing, the shipment may be refused.

E:  If shipper fails to state a declared value in writing, as required in Subsection B of this item, and the shipment is accepted by the carrier, the shipment will be deemed released to an amount equal to $6.00 times the actual weight of the shipment (in pounds), and the carrier will provide Replacement Cost Protection at the shipper’s expense. For shipments moving under the rates named in Section 3, the released value of the shipment will be estimated calculating the weight of the shipment as 7 lbs per cubic foot of space utilized and then applying $6.00 times the estimated weight of the shipment. The valuation charge named in Subsection C-2 “Replacement Cost Protection” shall apply.

F:  The declared value and the carrier’s maximum liability (whether or not loss or damage occurred from carrier negligence), as determined under this rule, shall apply to any claim resulting from the performance or failure to perform by the carrier of any service, including accessorial services, which the carrier has contracted to perform. Declared lump sum value means the value of the maximum liability of the carrier for the total body of goods transported.


Unless otherwise provided, the following property will NOT be accepted for shipment:

1:  Bank Bills, coins or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage stamps, letters or packets of letters, precious stones, or articles of peculiarly inherent or extraordinary value; precious metals or articles manufactured therefrom. Should such articles come into the possession of the carrier without its knowledge, responsibility for safe delivery will NOT be assumed.

2:  Explosives, dangerous goods or property liable to impregnate or otherwise damage equipment or other property will NOT be accepted for shipment.

3:  Household pets will NOT be accepted for shipment.

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