Are you moving to a new home in Portland, Oregon? Are you moving to a high-rise apartment across the country? Whether a commercial or residential move, The Smoove Movers is a one-stop solution for all of your moving and storage needs. We strive to deliver the highest level of professionalism and expertise in the moving industry.

Our team can handle any type of relocation, whether it is residential or business, local or long-distance. Whatever type of move you require, our Portland full-service moving services can assist you in making it happen quickly and economically. You can rely on our team to make your next move as straightforward as possible.

Trust Smoove Movers, your local Portland professional movers, to provide a stress-free Portland moving experience. Be it local moving or long-distance moving from the greater Portland area, our fully licensed and insured moving services have a reputation for achieving top customer satisfaction and 5-star reviews.

Are you planning your next residential or commercial move and having a tough time calling several moving companies? Request a free moving quote for efficient moving solutions.


The best moving-storage services in Portland, Oregon

Without correct and efficient help, planning a big move might prove to be more difficult than you anticipated. With the support of a top-rated moving-storage company in Portland, you can get the assistance you need with dedicated, secure storage as part of the moving process.

Perhaps you have a pressing need to relocate and don’t have the time, energy, or room to transport everything. You can get much-needed peace of mind during your long-distance move by using our short-term and long-term storage facility at The Smoove Movers.

The Smoove Movers provide quick, easy, and secure storage services in Portland for every homeowner, business, and company. Our multiple-sized storage units are ideal for residential and commercial storage. We’ll carefully pack your items into the container and transport them to our climate-controlled storage facility in Portland. As soon as you’re ready at your new home, we will transport your belongings. Our comprehensive moving solutions include services such as unloading, unpacking, setup, junk removal, and junk disposal.

Professional and full-service Movers in Portland metro area

The Smoove Movers are known to provide full-service moving services in and around the Portland metro area. We are the preferred local Portland Movers who handle all of the heavy lifting from beginning to end. Full-service moving is just perfect for people who don’t want to deal with the physical labor that a moving demands, such as packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and driving a truck.

Whether you’re moving to the next block or any long-distance residential or commercial move, you can trust our crew to do a great job. Our family-owned and operated moving company offers full-service moving and storage tailored to save you time and money while moving.

What does a full-service moving company do?

It’s never easy to move your prized belongings from one home to another. There are far too many aspects of the residential or commercial moving process that you may find too challenging to do independently. Tasks such as securing and packing all household items, managing the heavy lifting,  and actual transportation get complex at times.

Here are some of The Smoove Movers most requested moving services provided by our top-rated and reliable full-service moving company:

On-site home or business inspection

The first thing you should expect from a full-service mover is an accurate moving cost estimate after an on-site home inspection. During that on-site visit, the movers will be able to inspect all of the objects you wish to move. They also plan for any safety concerns that might crop up on the day of the move, such as narrow doorways, long flights of stairs, and elevators.


When you cannot pack some or all of your belongings yourself, finding dependable full-service movers and packers is the best home-moving solution. They’ll arrive with high-quality packing materials and secure every item in the best possible way. The Smoove Movers are the best full-service movers who provide individualized packing options such as wooden crating, which allows placing particularly fragile and precious things in specially designed wooden crates.

Furniture disassembly and reassembly

If you’ve decided to move some of your heavier furniture, the full-service mover you hired will carefully deconstruct those large furniture pieces and pack them safely for the road.


Your belongings will be loaded into the moving truck, secured, transported, unloaded from the moving vehicle, and carried into your new home.


Full-service movers also serve as storage facilities for your belongings. If your new house is not yet ready to receive the items you’re moving, you can request storage until the problem is resolved and your belongings can be delivered.

Unpacking and disposal of packing materials

Top-rated full-service movers can unpack your freshly delivered boxes, arrange your home items, and reassemble all furniture pieces in their respective rooms according to your preferences.

How much will it cost to have someone move you?

Most moving companies in the Greater Portland area will charge you based on the size of the load or truck size. Several elements influence the cost of a move, and there is no such thing as an average cost of moving.

If you have speciality moving items such as vintage music equipment or a Piano, you may have to pay more while moving. Moving distances, options are chosen such as full-service packing or simply the moving and delivery of your belongings, the moving company’s experience, and the need for special care handling are all factors that will affect pricing.

You can inform the moving firm of your current residence as well as your future address. The company will use the information to determine expenses and provide proposals.

Are you planning your next residential or commercial move in and around the Greater Portland area? At Smoove Movers, we are a top-rated full-service moving company in Portland providing individualized moving solutions.

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