Did you know that 45% of Americans move because of the lower cost of living? Regardless of the reason for the move, it is always advised to hire local Portland movers to get rid of the moving stress. Local movers in Portland will not only help in packing but will also assist you with decluttering, loading, moving, unloading, and assembling. Moreover, Portland movers offer low moving prices to retain 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to the cost-effective prices and growing percentage of moves per year, the moving industry is also expanding. According to the reports, the industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of 2.04%. It is evident that moving services are being utilized in significant numbers; whether you are planning local or long-distance moves, moving companies in Portland are always there to assist. However, you should not wholly depend on Portland movers alone to save money on moving prices.

Instead, you can follow simple moving tips to save yourself from hefty costs and enjoy effective moves. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a moving company, you can end your search with The Smoove Movers. We assist you at every step of your move, from decluttering to unloading and reassembling items. Connect with our local Portland movers to book your on-site appointment or get a free quote online!


Start Small And Schedule Your Appointment With Local Portland Movers

Is the moving process giving you stress? Indeed you need to plan out your move then! Whether you are planning for long-distance moving or are just moving locally, planning out the entire moving process will give you plenty of time to execute it. Avoid waiting till the last moment and start planning your move early. Once you are sure about the move, you should instantly begin planning.

Furthermore, instead of starting with big items, start with small things. For instance, you can pack your books, stationary, etc. Doing so will save you moving costs and help the movers quickly fill the rest of the items. Once you are done packing, you should immediately connect with moving companies to make your moving day less hectic and tiring. Remember, fewer items to pack will result in a low moving price since the price depends on the number of items and the weight of items. Moreover, early booking means no last-minute charges. Therefore, book The Smoove Movers as soon as you have a moving date in your mind.

Even though we provide short-notice moving services, our professionals suggest booking our service three weeks before the actual date to avoid the last-minute rush. If you have planned a local moving date, contact our movers or click on the button below.

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Plan Ahead And Hire Professional Movers For Packing Services

It is always beneficial to plan. As aforementioned, prior planning will not only help you align your packing and move but will also help to keep track of your new place. Whether you are shifting your commercial space, house, apartment, office, or residential property, planning and maintaining a checklist will reduce the moving day anxiety while ensuring that you and your movers don’t miss out on anything.

Along with planning, it is also beneficial if you hire professionals for moving furniture and other heavy objects. Professionals will bring several benefits to the table; apart from shifting the heavy items, Portland, Oregon, movers will become your moving coordinators. Experts will guide you throughout the planning, decluttering, packing, and moving process.

At The Smoove Movers, we know that moving can be stressful; therefore offer comprehensive moving services. Our movers are fully licensed and insured, plus they are highly skilled to perform any move – local move, loading, unloading, etc. Connect with our professionals immediately to lock your appointments in advance. If you need our movers on short notice, we also offer that!

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Experienced Movers Help Divide Zones For Decluttering

There are over 18000 moving businesses in Portland, Oregon, and every company will suggest you divide zones for efficient packing. For example, set up your cooking equipment and pots close to the stove, and keep your bakeware close to your mixer or the area where you typically bake. Similarly, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and storage bags have their space. When you divide your items into different zones, you might discover that you have more products than you need. It’s simpler to recognize what you have and focus on it when everything is segmented into zones. Additionally, packing up your valuables and keeping similar items together makes it simpler to unpack in your new home when everything is in its place.

Make your places or heaps for your belongings beforehand, like – keep, sell, donate, recycle, and trash. Place your valuable items in these piles as you organize your space before packing. You have lots of choices for donating your unwanted items, so you’ll have much less to move to your new place before you know it!

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Disassemble Your Furniture And Leave Heavy Lifting For Experts

Make sure everything is packaged securely to avoid needless replacement costs. Dishes and other fragile items are more likely to break if they are hastily packed at the last minute. The boxes may move around in the truck during transit, even with the most cautious movers. This necessitates careful stacking and packing inside the box.

Our movers are pleased to assist with the basic setup and disassembly of your furniture. However, if everything is set up before the movers arrive, you’ll save more money. The extra time needed to transport your bed frames, desks, and other equipment will simply result in higher charges since movers charge by the hour. To prevent anything from being lost in the shuffle, screws and other loose objects should be put in little bags with labels. Get in touch with our experts immediately if you need more advice on packing or moving services.

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Measure Your New Property And Gather Your Packing Supplies

Measure the rooms in your new home, especially the closets, if you have advance access. Create a map of the new area and note the locations of your furniture and other storage options as well as the shelves and closets that will be there. Don’t feel obligated to create an exact floor plan. If you choose, you can sketch each chamber independently from the others.

You can really use your own feet to measure if carrying a measuring tape around the new space is too tiresome. Walk around and count the feet; your foot is actually measured to a “foot” (measuring unit). If you cannot measure the area, picture it in your head. Keep in mind that empty spaces always appear larger than they are.

Make a plan for each room, decide what goes where, and ask yourself the mentioned question: 

  • Do the closets compare in size to your current residence? If so, get rid of any items you don’t wear any longer. 
  • Will your collection require more shelving? 
  • Or ought it to be whittled down? Consider the furnishings that will go in each room.

Once you have answers to all the questions, connect with experts and book moving and unloading services

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Commercial Moves Need Professional Portland Moving Company

Are you planning to shift your office? Moving to an entirely different office requires intense work. You must disassemble all the tables, chairs, electronic devices, wires, etc., which requires expertise. This is why you need to hire professional Portland, Oregon movers. Trained and skilled movers ensure that all your items are packed with utmost care. Movers in Portland, Oregon, will ensure your move is stress-free. Moreover, with experts, you won’t have to worry about renting packing supplies, devising your moving plan, and packing your belongings. Hiring a moving company will also ensure that none of the items or valuable items are left behind; they will help you make your list, declutter, and segregate your items into different sections, such as items to be used and donated, waste, etc.

The Smoove Movers is here with commercial moving service. Our experts know all the nooks and crannies of moving and will help you move your business in the state. Moreover, we treat our customers as our foremost priority and help them devise their moving plans. With our commercial moving service, you can bid farewell to the stress of moving! Contact our experts immediately for your next move!

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Pad Your Pockets & Click Pictures After Packing

Now you know that moving is a tedious task, so how about making some money from it? Experts suggest that you look for ways to pad your pockets while decluttering; for instance, you can sell old items, clothes, etc. Moreover, it will save you money while moving since fewer items equal less cost. As per the experts, downsizing is an excellent way to reduce costs. You can simply donate your unused items if you can’t find buyers. Connect with some great Portland Metro area nonprofit organizations; they will guide you through the donating procedure. Regardless of how you downsize, ensure you get a receipt since it’s all tax deductible.

Furthermore, you should also remember to click pictures after you pack all your belongings and are all set to leave your old house, office, or apartment. Plus, you should click photos of your new property and save them. These pictures will come in handy in case you are ever in disagreement with your landlord. If you want to eliminate all the hassle of packing and moving, connect with expert movers at The Smoove Movers.

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The Smoove Movers- Professional Portland Movers For Quick And Effective Move

We at The Smoove Movers are here with our moving service and pride ourselves in serving the greater Portland metro area. We are:

  • The best Portland moving company.
  • Offering commercial and residential moves.
  • Loading and unloading services.
  • Local movers.
  • Senior assist moves.

Our experts are here to make your moving day stress free. Our Portland, Oregon movers are fully licensed and cover all Portland areas. With our movers, the whole process of moving, packing, and disassembling/ reassembling your furniture and heavy items will become as easy as ABC. Moreover, we respect your valuable items as much as we respect our customers and therefore use high-quality material for packaging, for instance, bubble wrap, foam, corrugated boxes, cushion foam, etc.

Furthermore, you can ask for additional movers for big moves like shifting your entire home or office to make the whole process smooth and quick. Our customer care staff helps us achieve 100% customer satisfaction and is available round the clock to address all the queries of our clients. Moreover, our highly trained movers take great pride in offering fast, efficient, and effective services. So what are you still pondering over? If you are moving, our professionals are just what you need. Connect with our hard-working movers online or hit the button below!

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The Smoove Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company. We are the most trusted and reliable business in the state and have highly trained movers on board.

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