It’s difficult to gauge the amount of effort, skill, and equipment required to move something as heavy and complex as a piano. When it is the time for your next move, hiring any small-time movers to move your piano is a mistake many people make. As a result, many pianos get damaged while moving from one place to another. That’s why you should always hire well-experienced and highly skilled local piano movers Portland for a piano move.

Whether the grand piano in your home is a family heirloom, a hobby, or just a decorative item, our top priority at The Smoove Movers is to ensure your piano is moved securely and safely. Our friendly and professional local piano movers handle the heavy lifting and packing, so you don’t have to.

Our full-service moving-storage solution is tailor-made to move your piano anywhere in Portland Oregon, and the entire pacific northwest. We are a bonded and insured, fully licensed moving company that locals highly recommend for piano moving needs. Request a free piano move quote.


Top-rated piano movers in Portland Oregon

We at The Smoove Movers specialize in Portland piano moving and piano storage. Our professional piano movers take it extremely seriously when it is time for your piano moving and storage. 

Throughout Portland Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest, we’ve helped customers move and install new and pre-owned pianos and complex music instruments such as Steinways, Yamahas, Rolands, and many others. Our team of professional piano movers has transported and installed uprights, grands, and concert grands in some of Portland’s, Seattle’s, and the Pacific Northwest’s most prestigious venues.

Portland piano moving companies you can trust

When planning to move your piano, make sure you hire a fully licensed and insured piano moving company such as The Smoove Movers. While searching for Portland piano moving companies, many unlicensed piano movers cut corners and don’t guarantee a safe piano move. These moving companies can end up costing more in damages to the home or piano in the long run.

Our piano movers will take every measure to safeguard not just your piano but also your stairs, tiles, banisters, and hardwood flooring. Our piano movers place a premium on preventing damage to your piano and your property.

What is the cost to move a piano?

The cost of moving a piano is affected by many factors, including the distance covered, the type of piano (for example, an upright piano or a grand), and of course, the size of your piano.

Other variables affect the cost of moving a piano. The number of stairs (both inside and out) and narrow passageways to negotiate all determine the cost of moving a piano.

Can I move a piano in a U-Haul?

As a professional piano mover, our first advice is to hire a top-rated professional piano mover to move your piano rather than a U-haul trailer. When the piano is moved in a moving truck, it will be easier to secure within, and the ride will be much smoother and safer.

The advantage of a truck or van is that it has a longer ramp with a more favorable slant for moving the piano up. The short ramp of the Uhaul trailer can be quite steep.

Can I lay a piano down to transport it?

Moving a piano is a difficult task. You don’t want to risk damaging your piano, especially during the transition, given the amount of money you’ve invested in it.

A piano does not get damaged by being moved on its back or side. A piano may be moved, tilted, and turned without causing any harm to them. Only when a piano is dropped or banged, or when extra things are inside the piano while it is moving, it might cause damage to the piano.

How exactly do you move a heavy piano?

Knowing how to move a heavy piano safely and securely will reduce the chance of damage from moving intricate musical equipment. While pianos appear to be solid instruments, they are quite fragile and can easily be shattered during transport.

There are highly tuned felt-covered hammers, strings, keys, pedals, and other complicated mechanics beneath the hardwood. When it comes to pianos, appearances can be deceiving. Every stage in the piano moving process needs to be done with caution.

Our specialized piano moving process at The Smoove Movers includes steps such as:

  • We measure your piano and plan a safe way to transport it from your old home to your new one.
  • We take measurements of doors, stairwells, and other areas.
  • We use the necessary equipment, such as piano dollies, protective cloths, and furniture pads on hand to safely load your piano.
  • We always ensure that piano lids are locked, and piano rollers are handled with care to ensure they can tolerate movement.
  • We secure the piano using straps to the back wall of the moving truck and cover it with furniture pads.
  • Finally, We do the heavy unloading and set up the piano at your new location.

The Smoove Movers are your go-to piano movers and piano storage experts with a proven track record of successfully moving Pianos. We are preferred piano moving experts anywhere in Portland Oregon. Call (503) 719- 7962 if you need a fast and efficient piano moving service in Portland.

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