Moving from one part of the city to another, or even just a few zip codes away, are highly common for a host of reasons- job changes, home upgrades or even downsizing, and so forth. Thanks to our upfront pricing and huge respect for your time and belongings, we at The Smoove Movers are the top-rated choice for every nearby community for reliable and affordable local movers in and around Portland, Oregon.

With an almost 100% client recommendation rate, our moving company has demonstrated time and again that we’re the best choice for hiring local movers. Our range of expert moving services is tailored to meet every demand. We at The Smoove Movers specialize in all forms of local moving, right from houses and apartments, to high-rises, condos, and office buildings. 

Our moving teams are professionally prepared to manage any situation. Contact us at 503-719-9862 for a free, no-obligation local moving estimate and to learn more about what our local moves include.


What Is a Local Move?

A local move is defined as one that is less than 50 miles away. The most typical form of relocation in the moving industry is a local move. The local move could include anything from moving furniture up a flight of stairs to moving a five-bedroom home 40 miles away or just the loading-unloading services.

Customers are sometimes tempted to use part-time movers due to the shorter distance of local moving and packing services. These choices could include hiring a moving truck or using unreliable resources to hire local movers. While these may appear to be wise strategies to save money, remember that experience counts when it comes to local or long-distance moving.

When you hire part-time movers or do the work yourself, you run into the danger of damaging some of your belongings. The Smoove Movers is a leading provider of moving and storage, packing/unpacking, and load and unload services.

What Is the Cost of a Local Move?

Most moving companies will charge an hourly fee for local moves, determined by the size of your home and the number of moving boxes you’re transporting. Most moving companies will also charge a trip fee and materials expenses. The trip fee helps moving companies cover the expense of gas for the drive from their headquarters to both ends of your local moving.

Depending on the type of move, the cost of a local move can vary significantly. Add-ons like packing and storage units might increase the cost of your moving. The distance is usually the most important aspect of this pricing concept when it comes to the cost of a local move. Shorter distance moves are frequently more economical than intrastate or interstate relocation. Our expert moving professionals at The Smoove Movers can assist you with moving a one-bedroom condo, studio apartment, dorm room, or storage facility. Our Professional local movers have handled all types of moves and can take care of everything from start to end.

    Licensed, Reliable, and Affordable Local Mover

    Taking a do-it-yourself strategy to move can be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. Moving big appliances, furniture, and other large items without the necessary tools and equipment can result in physical injury. We at The Smoove Movers are here to assist you if you’re having trouble packing boxes due to your hectic schedule.

    We at The Smoove Movers are a licensed mover providing reliable and affordable commercial and residential local moving services. Whether you’re moving thousands of miles away or simply down the street, our team of seasoned professionals is here to assist you.

    Truck Rental for Local Move

    Do you have a local move planned, but you’re feeling stressed about packing and driving a moving truck to your new home? For those who have never driven a huge moving truck, it can be terrifying. Trust our experts to pack, load, transport, and deliver your belongings safely, allowing you to focus on other critical matters. Even if you’re only relocating your items a few miles away, moving an entire household takes a lot of time and effort.

    We offer a range of moving services and wish to assist you in achieving your goals. We’ll work hard to protect your current and future home’s doors, flooring, stairs, and sharp corners. Our professionals also pack and load your boxes and heavy things with care, utilizing high-quality protective materials. Whether you’re relocating from a small studio apartment or a large 2500 square foot single-family home, we can help.

    Full-service Local Moving Companies Near Me

    We at The Smoove Movers understand how stressful moving days can be, and we want to help you relieve that worry by providing you with a safe and secure moving experience. Each member of our crew is a skilled, professional local mover who has been trained to treat your possessions with care. As fully licensed and insured local movers, we make your relocation as speedy, easy, and stress-free as possible.

    Regardless of the distance between your existing and new residences, there are numerous advantages to hiring The Smoove Movers. These are experts who can handle the heavy lifting with ease and protect all of your valuables, big and small, sentimental and valuable. They arrive with all of the materials, equipment, and transportation necessary to get you moved in a matter of hours.

    Our bonded and insured experts have the necessary hands-on knowledge to safely package, transport and deliver your belongings. Call us today if you need the services of expert and professional local movers.

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