Are you on the lookout for full service packing services? The Smoove Movers is a prominent moving company in Portland. We can simply load, move, and unload your items or we can be a full packing assistant. We understand that home shifting is a taxing process, and packing is perhaps the most daunting task. Sometimes, it becomes quite stressful to pack items rather than move them. Packing household goods such as furniture, pottery, glass items, antiques, and other delicate items require ‘Smart’ packing techniques. Many people begin the packing process weeks ahead of time to eliminate the stress associated with packing. Nevertheless, they need professional packing services to move their items to their destination location safely.

At The Smoove Movers, we offer customized packing, custom crating, partial, and complete packing services. Are you interested in our packing services?  Contact our team today and get the Smoove Move you’ve always dreamed about!


Why Hire Professional Packing Services For Your Move?

According to stats, 15.3 million households in America move yearly with an average size of 2.3 family members. Moving is an overwhelming task, especially when packing household goods. Even if you have minimal stuff, packing for a move is a time-consuming task. You need an exceptional packing and moving understanding to move your items safely. Thankfully, The Smoove Movers is here to help. We’re experts in rendering out packing services using quality packing supplies.

You get trained packing professionals to pack your most precious belongings from us. Our packing team can help you pack oversized, small, and precious household items regardless of the size of your residence. Our customizable packing service fits the needs of any move. Whether you want to pack just rooms or an entire home, the professionals at The Smoove Movers follow a simple packing process. We can even handle the unpacking of belongings at your new residence.

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Household And Commercial Packing Services In Portland

Whether you’re moving your home or office, The Smoove Movers is here to offer packing services for all move types. Our professional packers are well-trained in efficient packing techniques ensuring the maximum protection of your belongings. Our packing and moving specialists possess years of experience in local moving. Using our packing services for your home or office moving saves you time and ensures the protection of your valuable goods

We believe that proper packing is essential for the overall success of your journey. With years of experience in household and commercial packing, we guarantee the highest quality and stress-free delivery of packing services. Our commercial movers can offer you the helpful advice you need for packing items. Apart from full packing service, we also provide decluttering services to make your moving day stress-free.

Besides, we believe that every move requires quality packing supplies to ensure the safety of goods. If you decide to pack most of your goods, consider using these packing supplies:

  • Packing tape 
  • Bubble or stretch wrap
  • Specialty boxes 
  • Tape 
  • Permanent marker

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Full Service Packing Services Vs. Partial Packing Services

When you hire a professional moving company, you will likely be given two options for a packing service, including full and partial packing services.

If you don’t have enough time to manage packaging on your own, comprehensive packing services are the best option for you. Our experts at The Smoove Movers carefully pack all your household items in specifically designed moving boxes. While packing, we ensure that everything is adequately covered. Our professional packing teams eliminate stress and save time with our full-service packing option. Based on your needs, we can also help with unpacking items.

On the contrary, partial packing is an excellent option if you want to save money on moving or want to pack fragile items on your own. If you’re interested in a partial packing service, our consultant will set a price based on the items you want to pack. If you choose a partial packing service, you should invest in proper moving boxes, use colored-coded labels, and ensure that every box is fully packed. We can also give you intelligent solutions for packing delicate items.

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Choose The Smoove Movers To Make Packing & Moving Easy

Want to make your packing and move stress-free and easy-breezy? Look no further than The Smoove Movers. As a renowned moving company, we offer a range of packing services, including full, partial, and custom crating services. Our services are customizable and can fit your unique needs and requirements.

In addition, we offer convenient add-on services like electronics packing, wrapping furniture, storage services, a moving truck, etc. Our professional experts are highly trained and know how to pack your valuable artwork or large mirrors using bubble wrap.

Our packing and moving services are designed to save you valuable time and money. If you choose to have our team do the packing for you, our expert professionals don’t let you lift even your single finger. The professionals bring their packing materials to pack your entire household items. Whether you’re moving antiques or other special items, our packing teams will pack away your goods and keep them protected throughout the moving process.

Simply hire The Smoove Movers for Full Service Packing Services, and our experts will care for everything.

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The Smoove Movers has a team of professional experts ready to assist you with full packing services and moving services. We believe in hassle-free packing and unpacking services. Connect with our experts for professional packing services. We always strive to provide you with 100% satisfaction with our work.

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