Learning 5 tips for a more simple Tigard move can make all the difference in ensuring your next move goes smoothly. Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! By following these 5 tips from The Smoove Movers, you can ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. First, start by decluttering and organizing well in advance. Sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need. Next, make a moving budget and timeline. Careful planning will prevent last-minute scrambling. You’ll also want to invest in quality packing supplies to protect your belongings. And don’t be afraid to hire professional Tigard movers like The Smoove Movers to handle the heavy lifting! Our experienced team will get you settled in your new Washington County home with no hassle.


Clear the Clutter: Purge Unneeded Items Well in Advance

Making a move to Tigard, Oregon can be stressful enough without having to sort through years of accumulated possessions. That’s why it’s crucial to begin the decluttering and purging process as early as possible – ideally 2-3 months before your moving day. 

Getting a head start on organizing your belongings will make your upcoming relocation much smoother. The last thing you need is to be buried under piles of stuff as movers arrive to haul your life across town. By taking the time to thoughtfully declutter and downsize, you’ll feel more in control and better prepared when moving day rolls around.

Determine What to Toss or Donate

One of the first steps is deciding what items you can part with. Be honest about what you really need and regularly use. Are there belongings taking up space that you haven’t touched in years? Boxes of old books or clothing you’ll never wear again? Outdated electronics and broken appliances? 

Ruthlessly sort through each room and critically evaluate every possession. Anything you don’t absolutely love or require should be tossed out, donated, or sold. This is the time to purge duplicates, paperwork, and sentimental items that don’t spark joy. You’ll be amazed at how much excess can be cleared out.

Organize What Remains

Once you’ve eliminated the unnecessary, it’s time to organize what remains. This will make packing and moving day much more efficient. Sort similar items together and label boxes clearly with their contents and the room they should go in. 

Keep tools, hardware, and essentials separate in “open first” boxes. Consolidate seldom-used items for long-term storage. Take inventory of furnishings and decor to determine what makes the cut in your new home. Strategic organization is key for a streamlined move.

Schedule Pickups for Donations

Don’t let bags and boxes of donations clutter your home while you pack. Schedule pickups with charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity as you sort items. Many will even pick up furniture and larger donations.

Getting discarded belongings out the door quickly clears space for packing and keeps your move on track. Be sure to get receipts for tax deductions if donating large amounts. Your donations can help outfit others in need while benefiting you at tax time.

By starting to purge, organize, and donate months before packing, you’ll avoid moving clutter and chaos. Consult moving checklists and timelines to stay on target with decluttering. The end result will be a smoother relocation free of excess stress and possessions. Don’t underestimate the power of advanced preparation. Contact The Smoove Movers for more information on junk removal services that can help make your next move smoother!

Hiring Professional Movers Can Make a Big Difference

Create a Detailed Moving Budget

Moving requires careful financial planning, especially for an out-of-town relocation like Tigard, Oregon. Creating a detailed moving budget is crucial for understanding total costs and avoiding surprise expenses. Proper budgeting reduces stress and prevents overspending when you need money for moving essentials.

Break Down All Costs

The first step is listing every anticipated cost associated with your move. Research typical prices for things like:

  • Moving company services
  • Truck/equipment rentals  
  • Gas, tolls, parking for moving vehicles
  • Packing supplies – boxes, tape, pads
  • Storage fees if needed
  • Hotel stays along the way
  • Utility connection fees
  • Cleaning services for old and new homes  
  • New furniture and renovations
  • Meals, tips, incidentals during move

Having a complete list of expected expenses helps construct a realistic budget. Don’t forget extra costs like pets, overnight childcare, or plants. Budget generously for the unexpected too.

Compare Moving Quotes 

Next, get quotes from licensed, professional movers in the Tigard area like The Smoove Movers. Compare costs for full-service moves versus renting a truck yourself. Get estimates for different moving dates. 

While it’s tempting to choose the cheapest mover, an experienced company is often worth the investment for safely transporting belongings. Don’t sacrifice quality just to save a buck. Compare companies based on reputation and value, not just price.

Look For Moving Discounts 

There are ways to cut costs on your move if you look. Some truck rental companies offer discounts for reserving early or bundling equipment. See if your employer provides relocation stipends. Use coupons for moving supplies and scout for sales. Compare storage facilities for the best monthly rates.

Even small savings add up when moving out of town. Being a savvy shopper keeps your budget intact without sacrificing necessities. Discuss discounts and bundled pricing with movers.

With an accurate budget accounting for all costs, you can move stress-free. Having a financial cushion guards against unexpected expenses popping up. Be sure to save receipts and records for tax purposes. And remember, skimping too much could result in damaged belongings or extra headaches. For professional movers equipped to make your relocation smooth and affordable, contact The Smoove Movers for a free quote today!

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Develop a Realistic Moving Timeline

Trying to coordinate all the logistics for an out-of-state move can be daunting. That’s why creating a realistic, detailed moving timeline is so important when relocating to Tigard, Oregon. Mapping out key dates and deadlines well in advance reduces last minute scrambling and stress when moving day arrives. 

Planning your schedule step-by-step ensures you don’t overlook important tasks and helps the big move go smoothly. Here are some tips for making a comprehensive moving timeline:

Schedule as Far in Advance as Possible

Ideally you should start mapping out target dates at least 2 months before moving day. The earlier you can book trucks, movers, and other services the better. Popular moving days fill up quickly, especially in peak summer season. 

It’s also wise to schedule disconnection and connection of utilities 1-2 months out. Confirm time off work and childcare for moving weeks. Give yourself plenty of buffer time so nothing sneaks up at the last second.

Factor in Time for Packing and Cleaning

Don’t underestimate how long packing and deep cleaning your old and new home will take. Allow several weeks to sort, purge, organize, and methodically pack room-by-room. Schedule a thorough cleaning of your current house afterwards so it’s ready for inspection. 

Build in days before move-in to clean the new residence and unpack critical essentials without rushing. Adjust timeframes as needed if you plan to do packing and cleaning yourself versus hiring help.

Leave Buffer Time Around Moving Day

Unexpected delays or problems can sabotage moving dates. Build a buffer of several days before and after so your schedule has wiggle room if needed. This also allows time for unforeseen tasks.

Having flexible “padding” around the set moving day prevents chaos if a truck breaks down or movers get stuck in traffic. Trying to force a single-day timeline is risky.

Moving according to a carefully constructed schedule lets you stay focused on necessary tasks like packing instead of playing catch-up. Mark deadlines on your calendar and review them often as moving week approaches. The Smoove Movers have insider tips for crafting a worry-free timeline for your upcoming Tigard move. Contact us today!

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Invest in Quality Packing Supplies

When preparing for a big move, packing materials are often an afterthought. But investing in quality boxes, wraps, and pads is crucial for protecting your belongings in transit to Tigard. Don’t waste time scavenging free boxes or using newspaper to pad furniture. Take time to purchase sturdy moving supplies that provide cushioning and prevent damage.

Buy New Moving Boxes  

Used, free boxes may seem appealing, but they often can’t withstand the strain of loading and unloading. Purchase new moving boxes designed for shipping fragiles and heavy items. Prioritize wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes and small boxes for heavy books and kitchen wares.

Get boxes with reinforced bottoms to avoid collapsed boxes and spilled contents. Label all boxes clearly so movers know which room they go in. Don’t skimp on quality boxes – this ensures your belongings arrive safely.

Use Bubble Wrap & Paper for Fragiles

Wrap fragile decor, dishes, and electronics in bubble wrap to absorb shocks and impacts. Use crumpled paper as extra packing material around these items. Refrain from using old newspaper which can stain belongings and doesn’t provide much cushion.

Proper wrapping materials coupled with new boxes prevents broken items and loss. Pay attention to how professional movers pad and pack speciality items like artwork so you can replicate it.

Rent Pads & Covers for Furniture

Don’t wrap furniture in old sheets and blankets which can loosen and shift in transit. Rent quilted moving pads, mattress covers, and stretch wrap from truck rental companies. This secures padding tightly to furniture.

Use thick pads on headboards, footboards, and mirrors. Wrap padded dining chairs individually to avoid scratches. Your movers can provide guidance on properly protecting furnishings – their expertise is indispensable. 

Although packing supplies are an added moving expense, they protect your investment in belongings. Preventing damage saves money and headaches down the road. As Tigard moving specialists, The Smoove Movers have affordable packing kits and tips to help you DIY like a pro. Contact us to learn more about our packing services and to make sure your move is packed perfectly!

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Hire Professional Movers in Tigard

Moving is exhausting. Loading and unloading endless heavy boxes, navigating stairs and tight spaces, carefully protecting your belongings – it’s a monumental task. Rather than managing a DIY move in Tigard, it pays to hire professional movers specialized in smooth local relocations. Their expertise streamlines the entire process.

Verify Licenses and Credentials

Start by vetting Tigard moving companies thoroughly. Confirm they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Look for testimonials and reviews praising their track record. A reputable company will provide references upon request. Ask about training protocols and background checks for staff.

Choose a mover that provides a detailed inventory of your items and paperwork outlining services rendered. This protects against damages or loss. Reputable movers invest in ongoing training to handle your belongings with care.

Compare Services Offered

Some movers only provide loading and driving labor. Others are full-service and can handle packing, unpacking, and furniture setup. 

If you have time, packing yourself can save money. But the added convenience of full-packing may be worth it to avoid stress. Compare costs of basic moving labor versus end-to-end services.

Ask About Add-Ons

Find out what additional add-ons are available beyond basic moving. Options like appliance disconnections/reconnections, crating large items, piano moving, unpacking, and trash hauling simplify moving day.

Full-service movers can also provide temporary storage if needed between closing and move-in. Discuss customized options to make packing and unpacking hassle-free.

Hiring movers, especially those highly reviewed like The Smoove Movers, ensures an efficient, painless move. Professional teams protect your belongings and do the heavy lifting so you can focus on transitioning to your new Tigard home. Don’t struggle with moving solo – trust the experts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How early should I start packing for my Tigard move?

It’s recommended to start organizing, decluttering, and packing 2-3 months in advance. This gives you time to sort through belongings and prevents last-minute stress. 

2.) What are some essential packing supplies I’ll need?

Useful packing supplies include boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, permanent markers, and furniture pads. Also have scissors, box cutters, zip ties, and labels on hand.

3.) How do I choose a reliable moving company in Tigard, OR?

Read reviews and ask for references to find ethical, experienced Tigard movers. Get in-home estimates. The Smoove Movers is a trusted company providing full-service moves in the area.

4.) How can I estimate my moving costs?

Factor in truck rentals, movers, packing supplies, storage fees, utility connections, and incidentals. Get quotes from movers and price supplies. Budget extra as a cushion.

5.) When should I book my moving truck and movers?

Reserve a truck and hire movers 4-6 weeks pre-move. August and September are peak times, so plan farther ahead.

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Planning and executing a smooth move takes time, organization, and careful preparation. By starting well in advance to declutter, budget, secure supplies, and hire movers, you can make your upcoming relocation to Tigard efficient and headache-free. The moving specialists at The Smoove Movers have streamlined hundreds of local and long-distance moves in the Tigard area. Our licensed and insured movers provide packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking services to protect your belongings and simplify your move. Trust us to handle all the stressful logistics so you can focus on settling into your new Oregon home. Contact The Smoove Movers today to request a free quote and get the ball rolling on your upcoming Tigard move! Our team is here to listen and make your moving transition seamless.

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