“Local Move” How does it sound to you? Although moving down the street might sound pretty good, relocating locally doesn’t guarantee success. While most local moves are unplanned, they oftentimes require more planning than interstate and long-distance moves. 

According to recent stats, around 11.7 million people move annually in America, and 70% of these moves are to change the size of their home or enjoy a change in scenery. Local moves appear to be smooth and stress-free on paper, but they can become more chaotic and daunting than long-distance moves.

Did you know that moving companies consider it a local move within a radius of 50 miles? Any move beyond this radius is considered a long-distance move, even if it is within the same state or city. If you plan a local move in Portland, Oregon, you can count on Smoove Movers as your trusted local moving company.

Here are some tested local mover tips and tricks that you should follow while moving locally.


Stick to Moving Process

The secret of a successful move lies in strategic planning. Whether local or long-distance, you must start by creating a moving checklist. You can involve all family members in the decision-making process or seek advice from professional local movers.

We recommend hiring those with a successful reputation who you can trust if you need assistance from expert movers. Here are some easy tips for creating a comprehensive moving checklist.

  • Get move-related receipts and bills in one place.
  • Call cleaners to make arrangements at your new home or business
  • Organize your essential documents
  • Keep track of the moving process- dates, times, and timelines
  • Set a budget and compare different quotes

Don’t Carry Everything

Whether local or long distance movers, you will always pay more for moving more items.Many people make the mistake of packing everything- even if it is not needed. These might include old files, outdated appliances, furniture, half-empty bottles, and everything that might not be necessary for their new home. 

Moving is perhaps the right time for decluttering, for a good reason, of course. This is when you get time to free up space and do some charity donations. Wondering how to declutter your household or commercial goods? You can hire a certified moving team to assist you throughout the relocation process.

Pack Essentials In Different Bags

Don’t risk putting everything in the same box and putting it on the moving truck. Essential things like documents, medicine, jewelry, and other expensive items should be packed in different boxes.

Whether moving down the street or to the next area, you simply need to ensure quality packing supplies to protect all your belongings while they’re in transit. Sometimes, it is better to invest in custom crating while other times simple boxes, packing tape, or bed sheets and towels can be used to save money. When you hire professional moving companies, they can help you efficiently pack heavy items and save time on the final moving day.

Pro Packing Tips:

  • Get professional movers
  • Order quality packing supplies if you are doing it yourself
  • Label all boxes for convenient unpacking

Hire Local Movers and Moving Truck Together

Most movers revealed that they are not comfortable working with different crews. People often hire movers and moving trucks separately, which results in different teams working at their property.

Hiring movers and trucks separately don’t just lead to increased moving costs. It can affect your belongings’ delivery.

Expert movers suggest that it is better to hand over the complete job to a single company. At The Smoove Movers, we pride ourselves on offering local moving services at a very reasonable price in the moving industry. Our team of movers is reliable, background-checked, and highly trained to move your items efficiently and correctly. Start by requesting your free moving estimate online, or give us a call to schedule your move right now.

Click Picture Before Unplugging Electric Items

Moving companies greatly appreciate it if you unplug all the cords before they pack your appliances for moving. Professional movers suggest taking pictures of connections and cable arrangements before you unplug your TV, DVR, Computer, or other electric appliance. This will help you when setting items back up in their new locations.

Tip Movers for Their Services

Whether moving locally or around the state, a good rule of thumb is to tip movers based on the efforts they’ve put into making your move smooth and stress-free. Tipping is undoubtedly the most confusing area for most people because the tipping amount varies depending on the industry and the complexity of work.

Movers do hard work, heavy lifting, and take care of your belongings while in transit. Tipping movers is certainly the best way to thank movers for their labor. If you have been wondering how much to tip a mover, better consider the following:

  • Relocation complexity
  • Quality of services
  • Coordination with the truckers
  • Efficiency and punctuality
  • Respect and integrity towards job

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Get In Touch With A Professional Moving Company

A local move might sound easy, but it can be as complex as a long-distance move. Besides packing, loading, and unloading, the most crucial part is transporting your items safely to your new home or commercial space.

Even if you follow the aforementioned local mover tips and tricks, doing it alone may save you money, but cost the safety of your belongings. You can eliminate doubt by hiring a professional local moving company like Smoove Movers. We will do everything, right from packing your goods to safely unloading them into your new location. Our local movers take over the complete job so you can sit back and relax.

Ready to hire a professional local moving company in Portland, Oregon? Trust The Smoove Movers for fully-insured and background-checked local movers. Request a free in-house estimate or call us to hire trained local movers in Portland.

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