Numerous tasks associated with moving to your new home or office tend to make the entire moving process  stressful. Selecting the best Portland movers to pack items, move furniture, organize, load, unload, and unpack your items is essential to a successful move. You’ll be less stressed if you know your move is in the hands of the best Portland moving company. 

Local communities in Portland and nearby areas count on The Smoove Movers for high-level Portland moving help and to provide professional moving assistance for loading and unloading a rental truck or moving truck. We are the one-stop solution for moving labor in the Portland area, including Vancouver, Hillsboro, and Gresham. Every mover at The Smoove Movers is well-trained and can help you with any aspect of your move.

We at the Smoove Movers understand how difficult Portland local moving can be. As a top-rated moving company, we strive to make your move as stress-free as possible. You can trust our expert local movers to handle every task associated with your moving such as planning, sorting, packing, labeling, lifting, and loading with utmost care and perfection. Our strong belief that client service comes first makes us the preferred movers in Portland for house, apartment, office, and business relocation. 

Need help with your next move in Portland? Contact The Smoove Movers at 503-719-9862 for immediate assistance.


Everything You Need To Know About Moving in Portland

There’s a reason this Pacific Northwest treasure has become so well-known for every community. According to recent statistics, Portland is more affordable than Seattle. A family of four in Seattle spends roughly $4,255 per month, whereas a family of four in Portland spends $3,704 per month.

Noted for its beautiful scenery along the Columbia and Willamette rivers and its oddities, this city is charmingly snuggled in the shadow of the white-capped Mount Hood. Portland offers incredible metropolitan facilities, breathtaking natural beauty, and a proud, welcoming community.

The Smoove Movers in Portland have the required training and specialized equipment needed to protect your home during any local or long distance move to Portland. We always ensure nothing is damaged, and overcome obstacles like furniture assembly/disassembly, and getting heavy, oversized items through narrow doorways, hallways, and stairs. All these reasons make us the most sought after mover for local communities in the Greater Portland area. Have an immediate move planned in Portland?

Best Among Portland Local Movers

When we talk about a local move, it is often considered a less difficult and time-consuming process than interstate relocation. As a result, many families believe they can cope on their own. However, the work that any move involves is often comparable to that of a long-distance move. Everything must be correctly packed, loaded, and unloaded. Working with professional movers among local moving companies is a faster, simpler, and often more cost-effective alternative when considering the time, effort, and resources required even for a local move. 

We understand that having the appropriate instruments isn’t enough. You also must be in the hands of the right people. Every employee at The Smoove Movers goes through extensive training to ensure that he or she is capable of performing the necessary work flawlessly every time. Need Portland moving help? 

Reliable & Affordable Local Portland Movers

According to updated estimates provided by the US Census Bureau, the Portland metropolitan region acquired 40,621 additional residents. Moving to a new home or office is a major decision. The last thing you want is to save a few hundred dollars on moving fees only to learn that your furniture or valuables have been lost or damaged, that your move has been delayed, or worse, that you’ve been duped. We at The Smoove Movers are one of the top-rated moving companies in the Portland Metro area. We provide moving labor services and are BBB-recognized. 

The Smoove Movers was established to serve the community by providing affordable local moving services in Portland. Our crew of skilled, background-checked movers is dedicated to going above and beyond and following our high ethical standards. Our experts will come to your home and properly wrap and box your belongings to prepare you for your next move.

Local & Long-Distance Moving Services

The process of relocating can be both thrilling and stressful. A long-distance move, whether to be closer to family or in case of a new job in another state, may be quite stressful if you don’t have the assistance of a well-trained team of movers.

Our moving experts at The Smoove Movers know how to make the relocation as painless as possible. We’ll handle every aspect of your relocation as a full-service moving company, ensuring that your furniture and possessions arrive safely and securely at your new home. The Smoove Movers combines the knowledge and expertise needed to assist relieve the stress of moving by providing comprehensive moving services and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. 

We recognize that selecting a professional mover to help you with a local relocation is just as vital as finding one to help you with a long-distance move across the country. Our local moving crew is well-trained, efficient, pleasant, and professional, and they always make sure that all of your relocation needs are met to the letter. Our range of professional moving services includes:


  • Free, no-obligation moving quotes
  • Dedicated move coordinator
  • Professional moving and packing services
  • Crating and uncrating
  • Loading unloading services
  • Moving labor services
  • Auto transport assistance

Call The Smoove Movers at 503-719-9862 immediately to speak with one of our certified moving specialists. Our experts will provide you with a free estimate and will assist you during the entire moving process.

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