Moving across Portland is a significant step, and you’ll have a lot on your mind, such as choosing a new home to live in and setting up your utilities. The stress of moving can be reduced by hiring the best and most reliable local movers Portland Oregon. The Smoove Movers are professional Portland movers that will help you evaluate the cost of your move and have the skills to move your items safely and securely, whether it’s 10 miles down the road or across town. 

We are among the best-reviewed Portland moving companies, with certified movers and moving trucks. Smoove Movers are professional movers who help you every step of the way on your moving journey. Call us or visit us online to get a no-obligation quote.


Tips For A Smooth Move With Movers Portland Oregon

When you work with expert Portland movers like Smoove Movers, every minute matters in terms of getting your house, apartment, office or business relocated on schedule and within your budget. Here are some pointers to make a stress-free moving experience.

  • Have everything you need packed and ready to go

The easiest way to do this is to complete your packing before moving day. Items should be organized by room, and boxes should be labeled with where they should go in the new location. When the crew arrives, have everything ready. If you are not ready, we can help, but it is important to understand that this can slow down our moving process for your home or business. 

  • Get Your Furniture Ready

Your furniture items are typically heavy and difficult to handle in the best of circumstances. We’ll do our best to be quick and careful, but you can help by removing all items from the furniture, taping up drawers, doors, and other items that might move during transportation, and moving furniture.

  • Figure out the specifics

Know where your movers may park the truck before we arrive, as well as any permissions or time constraints. This is especially true for apartment complexes and condos. 

  • Notify our team of the sequence of unpacking

What are the first things you’ll need in your new home? Please notify us prior to the relocation to make sure they are packed last so they can be the last on and first items off the truck. You can get a head start on your new home’s setup, or at the very least, know where your most crucial belongings are.

  • Take important items with you

Despite our best efforts, there will be some items that inevitably you will want or need to keep with you. Set aside your most important belongings and load them in your car or keep them nearby. Laptops and other tiny devices and their charging connections, critical papers, cleaning supplies, paper plates and cutlery, and an ample supply of pet food are all examples. It is always wise to keep a small bag with essential supplies for a few days, even for local moves.

Things You’ll Need For A Stress Free Moving Experience

Make sure you have all these things easily accessible a day before the moving service:

  • Enough moving boxes, including the correct sizes for the items you’re packing, especially if you get your moving supplies not from the Smoove Movers.
  • Markers for labeling with packing tape
  • Bags made of heavy, strong plastic (these are great for clothes and soft items)
  • For little goods, use small plastic baggies (helps with organization)
  • Packing material such as packing paper, bubble wrap, cling wrap to go around drawers, towels, and even socks to protect fragile items while shipping.

Moving Costs in Portland: Factors to Consider

You’ll pay an hourly cost for local movers Portland Oregon, so the longer it takes, the more you’ll have to spend. The ultimate cost of your transfer will be time multiplied by the hourly moving charge.

The following are some of the elements in moving process that influence the cost of your move:


The greater the number of your belongings, the longer it will take to relocate them.


If you want the movers to pack your belongings for you, it will take longer. It will take longer to relocate if the movers unpack at your new site.

Extra supplies 

If you hire movers to pack your belongings, you’ll have to factor in the cost of extra supplies such as boxes, packing materials, and bubble wrap.


The distance the movers must travel to get to your home may affect the amount of time it takes them to relocate your belongings. The further they have to drive to find a parking spot, the longer it will take.


Each time movers must traverse stairs and elevators to reach your floor, it adds to the amount of time it takes them to transport your possessions.

Furniture arrangement

All furniture or comparable items that must be disassembled and then reassembled will take time.


The greater the distance traveled by the movers, the longer it will take. Drive time can also be affected by traffic.

Why Is Smoove Movers The Best Moving Company in Portland?

Our Portland local movers take pride in offering our customers high-quality moving services. We are a family-owned business and our family-friendly approach to moving shows in everything we do. Our customers receive personalized care and assistance from start to finish with every local relocation. Your relocation will begin with various information about what to expect throughout the process when you work with us. Our moving business in Portland is licensed and insured, and we offer complete relocation services.

Our personnel is focused on up-to-date expertise in all elements of moving as a reputable Portland moving business. Our movers cover all aspects of moving, packing, safety, and risk management. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

Are you moving locally in or around Portland, Oregon, and looking for a reliable moving company in Portland? Smoove Movers is your preferred moving company. Schedule a move online or get free quotations over the phone!

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